South-West Shorts

South-West Shorts is an initiative of Edge Performance Writers to foster relationships between
Perth and South-West writers and to create opportunities for our work to be seen.



Perth and WA’s South-West writers are invited to submit a monologue or duologue about life in WA’s south-west. A panel of independent judges will choose the best three scripts from Perth plus the best three from the South-West region.


Life in WA’s south-west
You are welcome to write on any subject, in any setting and with any character/s you choose but your play must make reference to and include something about life in the south-west of Western Australia.
That can be about our history, a current topic, our quirks, an in joke only people from this region will get, a place setting - let your imagination run. Just make sure you include an aspect of life that’s particular to this region. Entries that meet these themes will be favoured.


8 - 11 minutes


Entry is restricted to writers living in Perth and in the south-west region of Western Australia.
Writers must be a permanent resident of Perth or the South-West.



The six winning authors have the opportunity to develop their scripts with the director before submitting their performance script.



All six plays will be performed by local actors at the new HEART black box theatre in Margaret River.


Judge's Award: the script chosen by the three judges prior to the performance
People's Choice Award: the audience will be invited to vote for their favourite play after the performance.



Each year the six finalist are published in the South-West Shorts anthology.

Copies are held in the State and Battye libraries in Western Australia and the National Library in Canberra, and distributed to local bookshops and at arts events.

We now have three editions of these award-winning plays: 2017, 20 18 and 2019.


  • You can see details of each edition here and order your copies here.
    Books are $15 each plus $5 postage within Australia
    Ebooks are $12 each

    Right now you can buy any two editions of the book for $20
    or all three editions for $30, plus $5 postage within Australia.

  • All editions are also available on Kindle.